Who's 'Behind' the GOP Plot To Split California's Electoral Votes?

bite my shiny metal ass - WonketteHave you heard about this California scheme to split the giant state's electoral votes by congressional districts? It basically works like this: The gerrymandered redneck districts that have given America such congressional stars as Duke Cunningham, John Doolittle, Jerry Lewis, Duncan Hunter and Dick Pombo will also vote for whatever weirdo finally wins the GOP nomination. And by some deliberately confusing system, the votes for president would be divvied up by congressional district and then the Republican (who never wins in California unless he is Ronald Reagan) gets an Ohio-sized slice of the electoral vote pie.

Yes, yes, you say, but where's the perversion? Right here:

Until this week, Missouri attorney Charles "Chep" Hurth III was best known for a headline-grabbing incident a decade ago in which he bit a young female law student on the butt in a bar.

Now Hurth, the city attorney for New Haven, Mo. (population 1,800), is the agent for a deep-pocketed group that donated $175,000 to fund a Republican-backed effort that would reshape the landscape of presidential politics in California.

Mystery man's key role in move to change Electoral College rules [SF Chronicle]


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