Why All New Apartment Buildings Look Identical. Tabs, Tues., Oct. 19, 2021
Tabs from your bestie Martini Ambassador

The jury selection process has begun in the murder trial for the three Georgia men accused of killing Ahmaud Arbery. (Newsweek)

Whiny anti-vax cops in Seattle unfurled “Don't Tread On Me" Gadsden flags in protest against the city's vaccine mandate. However, the vaccine scofflaws won't face immediate termination if they miss Monday's deadline for compliance with public health measures. (King5)

Conservative talk show host Dennis Prager revealed that he has COVID-19 but is steadily improving thanks to the treatment protocols that are for some reason less scary than a damn vaccine. He doesn't look good, Joe.(Media Matters)

Elie Mystal explains why President Joe Biden's Supreme Court commission was designed to fail. (The Nation)

Why Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia hates poor kids — well, it’s slightly more complex than that. (The Daily Beast)

The effects of climate change are battering Lake Tahoe, a major tourist attraction in California and Nevada. Meanwhile, a single senator from a state with a population of 1.7 million will block any meaningful efforts to confront this crisis. (San Francisco Gate)

Vice President Kamala Harris will campaign for Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe this week. Fox News will explain why this warrants her immediate impeachment. (CNN)

Democrats are apparently having a “unity” problem because two out of 50 Democratic senators are creeps. That’s the new math for you. (NPR)

If you’re tempted to write off the latest silliness from Tucker Carlson, consider that the male ego’s fragility is the foundation for most authoritarian movements. (Salon)

The rightwing undermining of public health measures has left the country less able to confront a pandemic than it was in 2020. That’s some exceptionalism for your ass. (New York Times)

How Dr. Jill Biden regained her faith after her son’s death. This is tearjerker movie material (in the best way). (Washington Post)

Greenville, South Carolina, residents voted The Rocky Horror Picture Show their second-favorite movie to watch during Halloween season. The original Halloween came in first, despite a disappointing lack of musical numbers and fishnets. (Greenville News)

My review of the HBO documentary Four Hours At The Capitol is affirmatively anti-coup. (The AV Club)

Adam Ragusea on the secret origin of beer. I love this stuff.


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