Police haven't identified the neighbor who complained. But we think we can guess.

In yet another example of Big Government stifling the small entrepreneur, we learn that some nosy neighbors in East Hampton, New York, complained to cops last that Jerry Seinfeld's son and his pals were running an unlicensed lemonade stand. What's truly surprising is that it took until the end of August for a Lemonade Stand Outrage story to make the news; that's usually more a June or July story, although we see that in 2014, we also had a late-August Lemonade Outrage. Maybe it's related to global warming or sunspots or something.

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Jessica Seinfeld posted the following post-lemonade-bust photo of the lemonade crew to her Facebook account; despite the clear mocking of Law Enforcement, it appears that no one was Tased or shot as a result. Lucky duckies!

As long as it's not a tie-in to a sequel to Bee Movie, we're good with this

No word on why exactly the Lemonade Nazi wanted to shut down Seinfeld and his son Julian, who were selling lemonade to raise money for Jessica Seinfeld's charity, Baby Buggy, which raises money to provide diapers, baby supplies, and clothing to needy parents. After the lemonade stand was shut down, the Seinfelds obtained a donation of cookies from a local bakery and held a bake sale instead. So we guess they're still masters of their domain. Maybe the neighbor was actually a jealous operative of the Human Fund.

So far, we haven't seen any outraged stories on Fox News about how overbearing government regulations strangled the good intentions of Seinfeld and Son. Nonetheless, as has become traditional, we appreciate the annual Lemonade Outrage feature as an excuse to link to this nifty 2013 column that explains why, of the many nice things that summertime lemonade stands may be, they are actually a pretty lousy way of teaching kids anything about capitalism.

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