Why Can't the Government Just Send All the Unhealthy People To Bagram and Leave the Rest of Us the Hell Alone?


  • South Korea was a simple place, a happy place. Then South Korea was introduced to the Internet, and also Starcraft. And now South Korean people want to kill themselves. [Matt Yglesias]

  • John McCain does not want to be called a trail-blazin' maverick: "The Spirit of America" will suit him just fine, thank you. [Think Progress]

  • Americans are very distrustful of Obamacare, because how does government-run health care protect us from terrorism? We miss the days when there was less government, when the government was too busy wiretapping our Twitter accounts to worry about our health. [Daily Intel]

  • Why is it that modern Twilight vampires are all enormous vegan metrosexuals? This is why: [The Daily Dish]

  • There are at least three good reasons to legalize pot. (But c'mon people, do you really want the government taxing the brownies that are in your freezer?) [Hit & Run]


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