Why Did Secret Service Let A Man Wearing SHOES Into Bush Press Conference???


George W. Bush's armed phalanx of security goons did a piss-poor job of defending the President from the terrible threat of shoes the other day. Ever since theshoe bomber incident of 2001, every moran in America has known what a dangerous weapon a simple human foot-covering can be. So why did security screeners not notice an Iraqi journalist wearing these shoe-like objects that were, in fact, shoes?

More to the point, why did Secret Service agents not shoot that guy to death repeatedly? That is the normal protocol, to draw your gun and start blammin' away if anybody looks at your President sideways.

The answer, of course, is that everybody is just so tired and bored of Bush that they were all just like, "Oh blah blah blah, look another Iraqi hates George Bush and is screaming while hurling objects at him, guess I'll go play my XBox now."

Secret Service Shows Unusual Restraint in 'Bizarre' Shoe Incident [Political Radar]


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