Why Do Celebrities Hate John McCain?


He used to be a famous maverick who spent all his time yukking it up with Ed McMahon in the "Golden Age of Television," but these days John McCain can't even get a commitment from actors-turned-Republican governors like Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is the sad situation reported today by Hollywood gossip paper theNew York Daily News, which says the Dem convention will be one giant sexy celebrity event, while McCain's convention in St. Paul will be lucky to get Kid Rock, who will probably just wake up in the dumpster behind Xcel Center and decide to attend the RNC because he can get a can of beer there, maybe.

The GOP has even hired a fancy Hollywood talent agent to "book some stars" for the Republican convention, but so far it's not looking good. The only vaguely famous person who has promised to show up, so far, is a gal who had a hit Wal-Mart song about half a dozen years ago called "Redneck Woman."

But, the NYDN adds hopefully, "Maybe Heidi Montag will show up."

Celebs: Dems got the party [Rush & Molloy]


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