Why Do Poors Get To Vote If They Keep Insisting On Being Poor?

Here's a weird, confusing little shovel's worth of right-wing hater dirt from some oppressedAmerican Spectatorcolumnist tired of the scavenging poor eating up all his garden tomatoes or whatever: "Registering [the poor] to vote is like handing out burglary tools to criminals.  It is profoundly antisocial and un-American to empower the nonproductive segments of the population to destroy the country." Woah! Who are these terrible subhuman gremlins sleeping on carpets of welfare rubies in their exurban hovels while dump trucks leave piles of cash by the door? We want their money! Just kidding, we want to hunt them down, where are they?

If he can't find them in line waiting for food stamps, probably our cranky columnist, Matthew Vadum, could find the lazy poor in one of their usual haunts cleaning hotel rooms or emptying bed pans or flipping anusburgers for $7-per-wealth-destroying hour. Quick, get their votes away from them! They are plotting with educators and Russians to overthrow the kleptomaniac government...through democracy...which is insane, and terrible!

In an infamous 1966 Nation magazine article, the radical university professors urged that the welfare apparatus be used to destroy the American system.  Borrowing a phrase the ultra-leftist Leon Trotsky used in one of his many anti-Stalin tracts, The Platform of the Joint Opposition (1927), they titled their blueprint for radical change "The Weight of the Poor."

By "weight," Cloward, Piven, and Trotsky meant power or influence.  All three wanted to use the poor as a battering ram against the systems they sought to overthrow.

Trotsky thought too many bureaucrats and middle-class people were involved in the Soviet Communist Party and that it was moving too slowly in its efforts to change that society.  He wanted more poor people in the party in order to overthrow Stalin's obstructionist bureaucracy and clear the way for "true" communism.

Stateside, Cloward and Piven wanted to use the "weight" of the poor to bring down American capitalism and democracy.



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