Why Do We Let The Black Panthers Teach Our Children Biology?


  • Sonia-Maria Sotomayor loves to brag about how "ghetto" it was growing up in Mexico. Well this loaf of white bread has heard enough! Is Sonia's Best Friend Forever serving life in prison? Was Sonia's daughter stabbed in the chest with an enormous cardiac needle? No? Q.E.D. [American Thinker]
  • "Ultra liberal zealot" highschool teachers are known to pass out buckets of gummy worms and read If You Give A Moose A Muffin during nap time, which is why every American teenager sucks at Maths. But a brave Oakland charter school has dared to ask, "Would they still suck at Maths if we yelled at them and shaved their heads?" The answer might shock you! [Hot Air]

  • RedState shakes things up with a terrifying 2 second video of a blackfolk speaking without being spoken to! Don't worry though because a patriot reported the incident to the Justice Department. [RedState]

  • The National Archives misplaced a 2-terabyte external hard drive containing "sensitive data from the Clinton administration," prompting the Smithsonian to temporarily postpone the highly-anticipated exhibit, "Tentacle Porn & The Clintons." [Raw Story]

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