Why Does Jeb Bush Hate The Troops?

Sorry to interrupt your day with yet another reminder, but reminder: Jeb Bush is not going to be president.


MEGYN KELLY: Knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion [of Iraq]?

JEB BUSH: I would’ve, and so would’ve Hillary Clinton, just to remind everybody, and so would have almost everybody that was confronted with the intelligence they got.


“I interpreted the question wrong, I guess. I was talking about given what people knew then, would you have done it? Rather than knowing what we know now. And knowing what we know now, clearly there were mistakes as it related to faulty intelligence in the lead up to the war and the lack of focus on security,” Bush told Hannity. “My brother’s admitted this. And we have to learn from that.”


When I was governor, I got to, I felt it a duty … to call all of the family members of people who lost their lives … And I felt a duty to do that because I admired the sacrifice of their families, and I admired the men and women, mostly men, who made the ultimate sacrifice. So, going back in time and talking about hypothetical "what would have happened, what could have happened?", I think, does a disservice for them. What we oughta be focusing on is, what are the lessons learned?


Guess it's time to burn all of our Jeb Bush CDs. Can't wait to find out how Jeb proves just how much a Bush he is on Friday. And to think, he hasn't even announced he's running for president yet. At least, not on purpose.


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