Good-bye, America's Sweetheart - WonketteLast night's webcast-only Christian Values GOP debate bravely went on as planned, without any Republican frontrunners, and one of Wonkette's bravest readers actually took up our challenge and sort of halfway paid attention to the thing. It may have been the best debate ever -- can you imagine anything more awesome than an "abortion survivor" screaming at an empty podium about Rudy Giuliani trying to kill her?

Philly blogger Daniel McQuade kindly sent us this outrageous report from the Republican debate that was too hot for teevee:

* John Cox said his mother wanted to abort him but abortion was illegal so he's alive. He also talked about transvestites who want to be schoolteachers.

* Some girl asked a question and said she was from the "Coalition for Herbal Renewal."

* The lightning round lasted about an hour. It consisted of quick yes/no questions which the candidates had a knob they'd turn to either the left or right side to answer yes/no. Ron Paul flip-flopped on the first question. All the questions were loaded with ridiculous statements -- things like, "Evolution is wrong, God created Earth" -- and then followed up with a vague question you can't answer no to ("Would you support teaching factual evidence against evolution?").

* There were questions asked by: A former homosexual, a former Islamic terrorist (?), Terri Schiavo's brother, Judge Roy Moore, a girl who was home-schooled and looked stupider than Miss Teen South Carolina, and the head of WorldNetDaily.

* There were also extended, long questions to empty podiums of the people who weren't there. They actually paused for a response after them, too. Some girl who said she was an "abortion survivor" asked

Rudy's podium why he wanted her dead.

* Oh yeah, and there were people whispering near the microphones the entire time and kept getting picked up on the webcast. At one point somebody said, "This is stupid."

* Oh, yeah, and the show opened with a CHOIR singing a song called "Why Should God Bless America?" It was like something out of Fred Phelps.

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