Joe Biden is a big wheel in the Senate, where he's been for 500 years or something, but of course no one outside of Amtrak's northeast corridor has ever even heard of him, so this running for president thing is not going very well for him. Because apparently you have to go to Iowa?! And Biden is v v busy running the Foreign Relations Committee so all these "coffee-and-scones meetings" in towns with goofy names like "Newton" are a little hard to get to.

And Biden isn't the only one with this "problem!" There are a bunch of Democrats who have extensive and impressive resumes, and none of them are doing a very good job at running for president either! Like Bill Richardson -- while he would like you to know that he is Mexican, and that he can win, he also was apparently once the ambassador to the UN! So he's got all sorts of "foreign policy experience" (beyond being Mexican, that is).

Chris Dodd, who's also been in the Senate forever, is known more for being friend to all insects (and for getting crabs from X's touring guitarist) and less for his heroic service doing everything the credit card companies want as chair of the banking committee.

The unmentioned problem with all this is that voters hate experience in a president and would much rather elect that charming young man who gave the nice speech once, the scary old man from Law & Order, or that lady who lived with Bill Clinton on that hilarious 8-year-long Washington, DC edition of The Real World from the 90s.

(The other problem with Joe Biden is that he can't stop running his mouth and saying terribly embarrassing things, often about minorities.)

A Senate Star Sparkles Less on the Stump [NYT]


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