• One hundred years from now, school children will marvel at how obtuse Americans in 2009 really were. "How could they not have known Barack Obama was a Reptilian Shapeshifter?" the children will ask. And then their civics teacher Mr. Floyd will chuckle and reply, "They were very stupid. Very very stupid." [True/Slant: Harmon Leon]

  • Meanwhile, Michelle Obama goes on Sesame Street. But does she compose an awesome song about geometry, just like Philip Glass did? [The Caucus]

  • Glenn Beck is the loneliest man on the earth. [Think Progress]

  • Is it at all surprising that Creigh Deeds loves taxes more than he loves his children, but also hates Democracy with all his heart? No. No, it is not. [RedState]

  • There is serious money to be made disrespecting Republicans. Just ask Alan Grayson, who is now officially rich. [TPM]


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