Why Is Barack Obama Trying To Arrest Beloved White Pop Singer Pat Boone?

Why Is Barack Obama Trying To Arrest Beloved White Pop Singer Pat Boone?

Thanks a lot, BARACK NOBAMA and his New Black Panther Attorney General No-Eric Holder! First you came for the Democrats, sure, but Michelle Malkin was right: that wasjust a smokescreen for when you would eventually try to arrest Pat Boone!

Now, we hate to criticize our partner in crime and giving us money, Newsmax, but their story on the imminent arrest of beloved white entertainer / rightwing crackpot Pat Boone does not make a lot of sense. Rather, it makes no sense. But let's not let that stop us from using it as our only source to try to figure out why the fuck some judge, obviously working for the dastardly Obaministration, wants Pat Boone to go to JAIL.

TMZ reported a Los Angeles judge issued the warrant after the 79-year-old Boone had been ordered to appear in court related to a condominium he had bought on a luxury cruise ship. The company that is building the ship lost a lawsuit that was brought on by some of the investors in the project.

The company lost the case and was ordered to pay $800,000 in attorneys’ fees. However, those fees haven’t been paid so the lawyers for the investors are suing people, including Boone, who bought a condo unit on the ship.

Well, that makes fuck-all sense! That is like you suing me when we both get food poisoning at Trump's Golden Chinese Palace!

“I am excited to take my family to these world class events on the world’s most luxurious ship,” Boone said, the travel magazine reported. “Everyone in my family is thrilled about having future family reunions on the UTOPIA and traveling the world without leaving our home on the sea. The people at Utopia have a powerful vision of using the ship to engage in philanthropy around the world, and I want to be a part of that as well.”

Oh, that sounds more as if perhaps Pat Boone was shilling for these dudes? Possibly as like a paid person?

The ship was expected to stop in cities around the world to have guests attend such events like the Cannes Film Festival, Monte Carlo Grand Prix, The Olympics, Carnaval, Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, Melbourne Cup, and other worldwide events, according to Luxury Travel Magazine. David Robb, chairman of UTOPIA Residences, said Boone would have been joining other celebrities in purchasing one of the luxury apartments aboard the ship.

Well, we guess since we are using Newsmax as our only source on this story, we will just never know.

Anyway, Pat Boone failed to appear for his sexciting subpoena, go to jail, Pat Boone, bye.

[Newsmax via Wonket operative "william"]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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