Why Is Mitt Romney Recycling a KKK Slogan In His Campaign Speeches?


People who apparently actually read transcripts of Mitt Romney's as-brittle-as-they-are-vacuous stump speeches noticed that he has been promising lately to "keep America American," which is a creepy enough little nonsense phrase on its own presumably meant to ingratiate good ol' boy Mittens with the feverish crowd of wingnut olds whose general political philosophy rests on the willful insistence that enough twangy repetitions of the word "MURIKA" will convince the Good Witch (Jesus) to magically transport them back home to a nice movie version of pre-civil rights Kansas. But because he is Mitt Romney and he isn't quite creative enough to come up with these sorts of pandering slogans on his own, he seems to have "borrowed" it from some old KKK campaigns.

From Booman Tribune:

Here's the title of a pamphlet published in 1920 by the United Klans of America, as found in the catalog of Yale's Beinecke Library:

Why you should become a klansman : of interest to white, protestant, native born Americans who want to keep America American.


And on the eve of World War II, a group called the American Coalition, using the slogan "Keep America American," pressured the U.S. government not to admit Jewish refugees.

AMERICABlog also notes that Mittens has been using the phrase in campaign ads.

We would "hope" that Mitt Romney used this terrible phrase by mistake, but last we heard "hope" died somewhere in the course of 2009, so... probably not. [Booman Tribune/ AMERICABlog]


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