Why People Use the WaPo for House Training

I Bawled I Really DidFrom an online chat with Marc Fisher, empathy-disabled WaPo columnist:

Crofton, Md.: Hi Marc -- Question about human behavior (mine). I am horrified at the destruction along the Gulf Coast. I see bodies in the water and felt terrible but sadly not half as bad as I feel when I see a dog, cat, etc., dead or in distress from the storm! Am I hopeless? I can look at CNN and watch coverage of body removal but I immediately turn the channel when it is an animal! Why?

Marc Fisher: Beats me. But then again, I cannot fathom why all these folks who stayed behind to take care of their pets would risk their lives for an animal that they could easily replace at any pet store.

We dare Fisher to focus group the "We'll get you a new Sparky!" approach down at the Astrodome. But, hey, the President seems to have the same idea about the city in general.

Anyway: If you want a friend in Washington, sic your dog on Marc Fisher. Meanwhile, we're going to give some more money to the Humane Society, just to piss Fisher off.

RELATED: I've been contacted by a group of people trying to make sure that Joseph and Patches -- the man and his cat rescued from the Superdome last week -- are okay. If anyone has information on the fate of these two survivors, please write.

RELATED: Snowball is okay.And Oreo made it home too. Please consider giving what you can so there are a few more happy endings to this horrible story.

About Those washingtonpost.com Columnists... [PostWatch via The Corner]

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