Why Politics, Old Women and the Holocaust Are Meant For DC

Why Politics, Old Women and the Holocaust Are Meant For DC

  • Tonight through May 10: A festival about political films, here, in the nation's capital? They just love to keep us on our toes! The inaugural "Politics on Film" festival is this weekend and a dozen different films, including four international movies, will be screened at E Street Cinema, the Navy Memorial Auditorium, and at George Washington University. Best bets include, Abraham Obama, Leif Letzebuerger (aka Charlotte: A Royal at War) and What’s the Matter with Kansas?, a film about how Kansas has single-handedly ruined America. Tickets are $10. [Politics on Film]
  • Tonight through Sunday, May 31: The Signature Theater just won the 2009 Regional Theater Tony Award, so it’s highly likely that anything they produce is, well, INCREDIBLE. On stage now is See What I Wanna See, a play that examines what truth is (answer: this does not exist in D.C.) and Giant, about babies, and the problems with having them in Texas (one can only imagine). Both shows are running through May 31. [Signature Theater]
  • Tonight through Friday, September 4: Oh the '80s, the decade that just keeps on giving. On Fridays at dusk at Gateway Park in Rosslyn (really now, it's not that far) you can catch classic '80s films as part of the "I Love the 80s" Film Festival. Screening tonight is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, a fine film about space travel, the true meaning of life, girls, drugs, and big 1980s pants. Free. [Gateway Park]
  • Satruday, May 9 and Sunday, May 10: The dance troupe, Dakshina/Daniel Phoenix Singh & Company, a very well known and highly regarded troupe, will perform two new dances this weekend at Dance Palace. The troupe will also perform a dance about the Holocaust, which seems to be a very popular subject this week. Saturday at 8PM, $22, and Sunday at 7PM, $22. [Dance Palace]
  • Closing Sunday, May 10: Thankfully someone came up with a show to teach women the significance of hot flashes, cravings, memory loss and all that other fun stuff that occurs when they grow old. Without Menopause the Musical, how would women know what to expect later in life? This weekend is your last chance to be educated about this very important, little known subject. Prices and showtimes vary. [Bethesda Theater]

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