Wrap Foil Around Your Doorknobs When Alone! Tabs, Mon., March 7, 2022

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This is a really good essay about how we (most of us) are thrilling to the Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion, including a lot of bloodthirsty hawkishness that's new for a lot of us. — Lili Loofbourow in Slate

Military strategery and whatnot. (Guardian)

The Putinized GOP and their bullshits, including, if you hadn't heard, Marco Rubio and Steve Daines apparently trying to get Volodomyr Zelenskyy murdered by tweeting a screenshot of the room he was in for their Zoom call. That's how we got bin Laden you fucking dick idiots. Heather Cox Richardson substack

Get to know your scammy grifty "Ukraine" war pages:

“I don’t really know what’s going on with all this political tension,” Hayden says. “I’m just trying to document what’s going on." His verification methods involve sussing out the comment sections of the videos and seeing if other people have claimed they are false. “I can’t really verify them myself,” he says of the videos he shares.

Existing followers commented that one video he posted was old and not even of Ukraine, yet it was not taken down. Hayden doesn’t worry much about spreading misinformation. “No one even knows what’s going on,” he says. “They believe anything that’s put in front of them. I’m putting up what I believe is accurate, and they can draw an opinion based on that.”

Taylor Lorenz at Input Mag

Why and how rightwingers and Glenn Greenwald (but I repeat myself) harass New York Times tech reporter Taylor Lorenz so fucking hard. Media Manipulation Casebook

Well it's about time Biden got a bounce. (Marist Poll)

Dan Froomkin apopleptic, this time about economics reporters going out of their way to make the en fuego economy a Biden failure. — PressWatchers

Dean Baker apoplectic about all of it. Andrew Van Wagner interviews him at his substack.

Blah blah blah "The One" mansion blah blah $141 million, here's the part that pisses me off: The mansion is in bankruptcy. Not the developer, the building. Because you can just limited liability corporation yourself out of any responsibility for the hundreds of millions of other people's money you take. Because you didn't take it, the building took it. Corporations are people. — LA Times

Tim Kaine's Care for Long COVID Act. (Senate)

We're all familiar with the "independent legislature doctrine," yes, which says courts can't judge whether a state election law is unconstitutional? Get familiar. (Washington Monthly)

Westboro Baptist Church's daughter believed everything they were doing was holy and righteous. If she could cure herself by going on Twitter to learn about Jews, there's hope for all the other shitballs and crazies. Fascinating, from 2015, in the New Yorker.

Lauren Hough, her grandpa, and Bonne and Clyde in Shamrock, Texas. (Texas Highways)

Y'all fuckin knew it was coming: St. Patrick's Day charcuterie boards. But this one has charcuterie though.

Lastly, there is no reason to wrap your doorknob in foil while alone — it was clickbait nonsens all along.

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