Why We Have Been Slacking

Two associate editors of a certain NOTORIOUSLY SNARKY D.C. political Web site have been enjoying fun adventures, such as parties with famous overtanned A-list cable news celebrities and looking for Jim's car keys. Now we are en route to Mount Vernon, where we will be whisked away by tourism authorities and sent to prison camps in Tappahannock.

(The first step in "breaking" a terrorist is of course to put them in humiliating uniforms, pictured above.)

The Virginia Tourism Corporation invited your Wonkette on a secret mystery tour of Virginia for the next two days to celebrate the 40th birthday of the "Virginia Is For Lovers" campaign, which happened to coincide with the most frightening outbreak of a dread virus in American or indeed world history, so we figured, what the hell, get out of Dodge for a few days. We are just hoping they don't take us to a pig farm.

More updates as the day progresses; till then we leave you in the capable hands of your "real" editor, Ken Layne.


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