Why We "Idolspize" Robin Givhan

robin givhan 2.jpgCheck out Harry Jaffe's puff piece in the Washingtonian about Robin Givhan, the Washington Post's "fashion critic." Not a bad life, eh?

It sure beats blogging for a living! Let's do a head-to-head comparison:

* Givhan jets off to Milan on somebody else's dime, where she rubs shoulders with the beautiful people. We sit at home in our pajamas, chained to our laptops, and trying to remember when we last showered.

* Givhan's catty, incoherent ramblings about how people look get called "journalism." Ours get dismissed as mere "snark," even though they're just as catty and incoherent as hers.

* Givhan gets press credentials -- and full benefits! We, needless to say, do not.

Do we admire Robin Givhan as a journalist? Um, notexactly. But we kind of "idolspize" her. We have to give her props, for getting a respected news organization to give her a job -- with full benefits! -- picking the low-hanging fruit of poorly dressed politicians.

Robin Givhan: Sending Out Zingers With Style [Washingtonian]

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