Why Won't Barack Obama Apologize For Not Venturing An Opinion On The China-Google Thingy?


Our President Obama displays a troubling tendency not to go shooting off his mouth about whatever the fuck, for example the delicate situation in Iran, and now Google's decision to maybe get out of China on account of China's bad behavior on the Internets. Why is the President not declaring war on China already?

Seriously, if President Dick Cheney was still in charge, he would have sent 14 million unmanned Google Drones to bomb America's Bankers by now.

"The Obama administration needs to be standing up" against such repressive governments, said Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va). "Instead, we've seen a muted response at best."

[...] China's attempts to get the personal data of human rights activists has broad impact on the U.S., Wolf said.

"Every time they steal intellectual property and information, they're stealing jobs from America."

Have you noticed that Obama hasn't even Twittered about this long-standing Chinese censorship problem that everybody knows about already? Shameful.

Republicans condemn Obama for silence on China Google attacks [The Hill]


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