Why Won't N.H. Senator Jeanne Shaheen Not Do Her Job, Like That Dreamy Scott Brown?


Well here's a new one, maybe. We're all familiar with the old "Rose Garden" strategy, where a sitting president drives his or her (hahahaha "her") opponent nuts by just staying in Washington and not giving the opponent anything to swat at other than the president not coming out to play. But now the Republican National Committee is complaining that Jeanne Shaheen is staying in Washington and doing Senate stuff instead of campaigning in New Hampshire -- never mind that the GOP doesn't even have a candidate yet. What's she afraid of? Scott Brown's nipples?

The RNC homepage is treating Shaheen's presence in the Senate as if she were hiding from the voters of New Hampshire:

As Joe Biden Visits New Hampshire, Jeanne Shaheen Is 450 Miles Away

Joe Biden Is In New Hampshire Today… “Vice President Joe Biden will tour Nashua’s unemployment office Tuesday and speak to employees and state officials about job training and work force development. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez and Gov. Maggie Hassan will also be on hand for Biden’s visit to the New Hampshire Works Center off Amherst Street.” ... Nashua Telegraph, 3/24/14

…But Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) Is Staying As Far Away As Possible, Opting To Remain In Washington For Senate Business. “When Vice President Joe Biden travels to Nashua, N.H., next week, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen won’t be with him. Instead, Shaheen, D-N.H., who faces a competitive challenge this election year from former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, plans to remain in Washington next week for Senate votes and to chair an Appropriations subcommittee hearing, an aide confirmed.” ... Washington Examiner, 3/21/14)

Why, that terrible woman is staying in Washington and actually doing her job, when she could have been making an appearance at an employment office. INPEACH! Doesn't she know that New Hampshire voters like nothing better in March than to think about a midterm election in eight months?

And so on: Shaheen is apparently "running away" from being seen with Obama and Biden because everyone hates Obamacare, or at least everyone in the Republican party does. Or maybe not even them, seeing as how Brown was recently confronted by a Hew Hampshire Republican state legislator who just loves his coverage under the ACA.

In any case, Jeanne Shaheen had better get her act together, stop wasting her time voting and holding hearings, and do some campaigning in New Hampshire so that Republicans can yell at her. You'd never see Scott Brown shirking HIS responsibility like that. Say, speaking of the ol' Centerfold Wookiee, How has Scott Brown been making the case for his qualifications as a New Hampshire Senator from Massachusetts lately?

"Do I have the best credentials? Probably not. 'Cause, you know, whatever. But I have long and strong ties to this state,"

No, we'd actually rather not look at the context for that.

[RNC via this tweet by Chris Harris / Political Wire]

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