Why Won't Silly Jeebus Just Tell Mike Huckabee To Run For President And Save our Lives?

Why Won't Silly Jeebus Just Tell Mike Huckabee To Run For President And Save our Lives?

We know. We know you did not sleep last night for the same reason we didn't: Mike Huckabee still hasn't made a decision about running for president in 2012. Even though it is still early 2010, what's the damn holdup? Some of us are trying to max out on donations here! Let's see what is written on the HuckPac blog, called"Blogs."

"Janet and I are choosing to split our time between Arkansas, Florida and New York to better accommodate our busy travel schedule and personal business. This was a personal decision not a political one.

Politically, I have consistently made it clear that my current focus is on the 2010 elections and HuckPAC's mission to elect conservative Republicans around the country. That should be obvious to any political reporter - considering HuckPAC's strong involvement with candidates around the country, our contributions and our nationwide volunteer network.

It is ridiculous for someone to try and read something into this decision. I think it's foolish for political pundits to assume residency in Florida is an indication on my political intentions. As I have repeatedly said, no decision has been made about my political future - and none will be made until after the mid-term elections.

Only the Lord knows what my future holds and He hasn't told me yet - so I'm positive He hasn't told any political reporters."

Jeebus, it appears, is still trying to negotiate some concessions with the various candidates. (Except Mitt Romney, who is like Jewish??)

We don't know what he is talking about with Florida. There must have been some rumors there that he was moving to Florida to gay-sex up Charlie Crist. Well, just remember: all rumors are true, otherwise they wouldn't be rumors.



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