Why Won't Wendy Davis Apologize To Ted Nugent For Not Loving And Marrying Some Guns?


Here's a surprise! Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was pretty happy to embrace Ted Nugent at a campaign appearance the other day, but now it's almost as if he would rather poop in his own pants than talk to these CNN liberal media jerks about what a swell guy Ted Nugent is. What could have changed? It's not like it's really a secret that Ted says incredibly racist stuff, even though Wolf Blitzer seems to have just recently learned about Nuge's fondness for calling Barack Obama a subhuman mongrel -- and since that made news in January, Nugent has been making a point of calling everybody that, so it's not like he was singling Obama out or anything.

In any case, the real offender here is definitely not Ted Nugent, who's just being Ol' Ted, after all, nor is it Greg Abbott, who respects the Second Amendment just like Ted does. No, what's important is that, now that Big Media has (re) discovered what the political blogosphere has known all along about Nugent, everyone needs to know that Wendy Davis just may not love the Second Amendment enough to be governor. True fact.

After Abbott kept telling Anderson Cooper's producers that he just couldn't find time to come on Cooper's show, Ed Lavandera and a CNN camera crew managed to meet up with the AG at a campaign stop in Tyler, Texas, where Abbott graciously addressed exactly why he thinks campaigning with Nugent is a good idea:

"It's funny how reactive the Davis campaign has been to this. It shows that he's driven a wedge and exposed the fraud that they've displayed on Second Amendment-based issues. And so Ted Nugent was a way to expose Wendy Davis for her flip-flopping on gun related issues."

See! That is how you non-answer a question right there. Lavandera vainly tried to discover why Abbott thought that Nugent was the best choice to do that, seeing as how everyone in Texas supports the Second Amendment, with the exception of some bullet-riddled corpses (and they're often split on the issue). But no luck -- Abbott no longer saw him or heard him, because after you ask your one question, you become an unperson.

So there you have it: Ted Nugent is not the problem. Wendy Davis and being "reactive" is the problem. When is Wendy David going to apologize to Ted Nugent?


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