Wife-Beating Loser Loses Mind

Rep. John Sweeney lost his "safe seat" in the House after it was revealed that he kinda-sorta choked his wife a while back. Since then, according to the Albany Times-Union, he has gone crazy.

Sweeney friend Pete Sessions claims Sweeney caught "a bug" during a Congressional trip to Afghanistan, and the "bug got into his system and lodged in his brain." These are grown men who have a great deal of influence and power.

Sweeney has refused to show up for votes during his last days in Congress, avoided his new basement office, and evaded reporters.

He said he had offered Sweeney a phone and a bed in his own office last week, in case he doesn't like the make-shift temporary basement cubicles near the cafeteria storeroom where House members who lost elections were moved from their grand office suites.

Sweeney, Sessions, and other House Republicans are reportedly shocked that the voters of upstate New York declined to reelect a crazy man who chokes his wife.

On the Hill, the Sound of Silence [Times-Union]


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