• It is now fairly evident that "giving up paint-huffing" was not Erick Erickson's New Year's resolution. [RedState]

  • The libertarians seized power while you were foolishly slumbering with visions of sugar-plums dancing in your head. And now there is no sugar-plum tax? [Hit & Run]

  • Finally, a documentary about black people oppressing white people. Very timely, of course, and mercy, it's also been nominated for an Oscar! [Weekly Standard]

  • Moist Towelettes: Wanted And Desired. By Jonah Goldberg. [The Corner]

  • A New Year with new gun-slingin', tea baggin' "don't tread on me" bonanzas! [Think Progress]

  • Oh look, Michelle Malkin has published The Best Hate Mail of 2009 A.D., so that we can cherish it forever. Did your hate mail make the cut? [Michelle Malkin]


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