Will FEMA Save DC, If Same-Sex Marriage Breaks the Levies?

  • A local politician who is not Marion Barry claims DC will be invaded by "same-sex marriage" in the very near future. The last time our capital faced such unspeakable peril was during the War of 1812, when the Redcoats goose stepped down Pennsylvania Avenue and nicked James Madison's Beanie Baby collection (and then torched Adams Morgan, just for good measure). [Washington Times]

  • Remember when that evil immigrant stole your "freelance farmhand" job? Well, even though a Roomba stole his job (which was your job, originally), he's still on our side of the border! Why won't the immigrants go away? It is because they are waiting for their free Obamacare. [Washington Examiner]

  • Henceforth, by royal decree, the Sovereign State of Petworth shall be blogged about more often. [Prince of Petworth]

  • So here's something: A terrible mother used an ethnic slur to make fun of her son's mullet. [DCist]

  • Nothing says "hipster" like an ironic rape tee shirt! [Holla Back DC]


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