Will Hillary Feel Bad If She Loses Tomorrow's Primaries?

There's so much news this election cycle from the various Journalistic Reporters; how do we even know what to believe, and what are the questions we should be asking? Fortunately we have reporters like Time's Mark Halperin to sift through the material and offer "Halperin's Take" on the events at hand. Halperin's thoughts and commentary transcend what you or I could ever hope to think or comment. Today, he offers "Halperin's Take" on that question we're all asking: Will Hillary go on if she loses Texas and/or Ohio tomorrow? She will, according to Halperin, because she wants to be president!

The full "Halperin's Take" for "Why Hillary Clinton is Determined to Fight On":

  • She thinks she would be a better president than Obama.
  • She thinks she would be a stronger candidate against McCain than Obama.
  • She feels an obligation to her supporters to keep fighting.
  • She thinks she can win Pennsylvania.
  • She thinks she is finally gaining traction on the "national security experience" argument.
  • She thinks the one-on-one debate has only just begun, along with the heightened scrutiny of Obama.
  • She is finally raising enough money to fight the fight with paid TV ads.
  • She knows the Rezko trial is getting started.
  • She knows Obama is still well short of winning a majority of the delegates.
  • Clintons don't quit-and she really, really, really wants to win.

How very interesting Halperin, you devil. She'll continue running for president because she thinks she would be a better one, she still has supporters, she could theoretically win a state down the road, Obama has not mathematically won the nomination, and she wants to win? Well then what is "Halperin's Take" on Duncan Hunter dropping out of the race several months ago? Sure sounds stupid now.

HALPERIN'S TAKE: Why Hillary Clinton is Determined to Fight On [The Page/Time]


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