Will Sexy Stripper Defeat David 'Diaperman' Vitter?


These fucking people ...Are you ready for the 2010 midterm election? No? Well too bad, because the campaign began on Nov. 5 of last year, and by the end of this summer you'll probably hear about nothing else, so let's start the Wonkette coverage with a nice story about this porn-star/stripper lady in Louisiana, and how she will maybe run against national embarrassment David Vitter, the hooker-lovin' diaperman of the Senate.

It is kind of amazing that Vitter's still around, this dumb clod. Not so long ago, the idiot wingnut was found to be using the prostitution services of the since-deceased D.C. Madame. Oh, and their were many detailed reports of his particular Republican fetish: forcing prostitutes back home in Louisiana to dress him in adult diapers, for him to poop in.

While the talented and well-known Democrat governor from New York was forced to resign in shame and suffer the punishment of writing for Slate after his own hooker-using habits went public, Vitter simply refused to leave. He was never prosecuted or even investigated by the Senate. And eventually, people forgot about him -- at least outside of Louisiana.

So he's in the Senate, to this day, trying to "rehabilitate his image" by opposing Hillary as Secretary of State, etc., the usual talk-radio crap.

Vitter must be destroyed.

Might this pig-eyed creep be the one to finally give the Dems a filibuster-proof 60 seats in the Senate? We hope so! But who will run against him? Eh, how about a porn star called Stormy Daniels?

Here's some puerile ABC "news feature" about this person. Get to know her, etc.!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/lUojtbMt0zk&hl=en&fs=1 expand=1]

We can't figure out if the people behind "Draft Stormy" want her to be a Republican or what. They mention "libertarianism," so Go Ron Paul. Basically we'll promote anything to make the Vitter re-election campaign a national joke, so that maybe the idiot people* of Louisiana will elect somebody else to the Senate. Why not a porn star?

* Your editor was born and raised in New Orleans, so those of you in Louisiana with the rare talent of typing can save your butthurt emails for another time.


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