Will Someone Please Get Liz Crokin Help Before She Citizen's Arrests Hillary Clinton?

Will Someone Please Get Liz Crokin Help Before She Citizen's Arrests Hillary Clinton?

Liz Crokin has been the queen of Pizzagate and QAnon for around two years now. She says a whole lot of wacky things about a secret, blood-drinking pedophile cabal that she believes is led by John Podesta and Hillary Clinton and involves about 50,000 people, all of whom she would like to see arrested right now.

But the arrests are not happening, and she doesn't understand why. QAnon promised her mass arrests, and she does not see any of these arrests happening. She can't figure it out! Last week, she announced that if she did not get the satisfaction of seeing these arrests happen soon, she might just give up on the whole thing. This week, she stopped by The SGT Report to talk about doing some citizen's arrests herself and suggesting that if she and her ilk do not get at least one arrest to slake their thirst, they are going to start doing some vigilante justice. So that's bad!

Via RightWingWatch:

"[The arrests] need to happen this year," she said. "If they don't happen before 2020, President Trump is going to lose support. He promised that he would take Hillary Clinton down. He said that he would assign a special prosecutor to investigate her crimes. We haven't forgotten. We want to see justice for real criminals. We know these people are torturing children, they're raping kids, they're ripping their body parts apart, they're selling the organs on the black market. They are doing the most horrific crimes against humanity on children and it's unacceptable and President Trump needs to make sure that his DOJ goes after the real criminals."

"They need to do it before 2020 because I believe if he doesn't, then he's going to lose support and people are just going to get fed up and, honestly, people are going to start taking to the streets," Crokin warned. "I'm ready now to physically go to John Podesta's house and drag him out of his house."

"I'm all for citizen's arrests at this point," responded the host of the program.

"So am I," said Crokin. "This has dragged on for too long. We need to start seeing arrests of the real criminals and I just pray to God that they happen really soon because if they don't, I think that so much is coming out about the sex trafficking, what they do to kids, [that] we are going to start seeing vigilante justice and that could get really dangerous and that could cause a civil war in this country."

She is absolutely, 100% sincere. She believes this. That is fucking scary.

I cannot make fun of Liz Crokin, the person. I feel like it's what I'm supposed to do here, but I can't. It's one thing, I think, to make fun of people who are in control of their faculties and believe these things because they are mean-spirited and desperate for revenge. Or those who need to believe these things because that's how they rationalize voting for a creep like Donald Trump. I will have at them all day.

But it's clear that there are also people involved with this whole QAnon thing who have legitimate psychological issues, and more than anything, I feel like they are being taken advantage of. There's a difference between an unscrupulous pastor who says Jesus talks to him so people will send him money, and someone who sincerely believes that Jesus is talking to him because he has a delusional disorder. The former deserves all the ridicule in the world, the latter needs help.

By her own account, in 2012, Crokin contracted herpes. She says it was from an ex-boyfriend, he denies it -- but either way, she had it, and it went untreated, developing into meningitis and encephalitis.

Via Daily Mail:

'My brain had lesions on it,' she said in an exclusive interview with DailyMail.com. 'My brain was left severely damaged.

'How is that any different to me walking outside of my house and some crazy person taking a bat and hitting me in the head repeatedly?

'The damage my ex did to my brain is very severe and yet, I have gotten nowhere with the authorities in terms of criminal charges and it's very frustrating.'

She wrote about this, frankly and openly, on sites like Elite Daily and Marie Claire after losing her job as a gossip columnist because the brain damage she suffered caused her to be unable to work.

Via Marie Claire:

But my new reality was undeniable: I couldn't work because of my newfound condition. I couldn't make money to afford a place to live.

All the while, the medical bills mounted. I had to go to two separate hospitals for adequate treatment and that's when I learned the worst of all of it: I had permanent brain damage. All from untreated herpes.

Now, I would need even more resources to recover—or at the very least, function.

I spent an entire summer, with diminishing brain function, applying for charity programs that assist people who don't have health insurance, while living in low-income housing and taking unemployment assistance. My life became a blur of paperwork—even though I could barely read.

Herpes-caused encephalitis is known to lead to severe brain damage. In rare cases, it has led to psychosis and paranoid delusions.

Now, I'm not saying that Liz Crokin was not a ridiculous and perhaps even terrible person before she got brain damage. She did, after all, intern for Bill O'Reilly. I'm not saying she doesn't cause harm -- she does. She's got people who ostensibly do not have severe brain damage believing every word she says about secret pedophile cabals.

She should also be put on a 72-hour hold; she is threatening to harm people. She needs help. I think we can all agree that it would be an absolute nightmare to lose brain function like that, that we all know it could happen to any of us, and that she deserves our empathy.

The rise of Liz Crokin says a lot about the state of our country. It says a lot that so many people are willing to go along with her bullshit and believe her. It says a lot that there is no one on her side politically who even bothers to refute these conspiracies. It also says something about the state of health care in this country that rather than getting treatment, she's on the internet talking about wanting to personally arrest John Podesta and it's occurred to absolutely no one that she might need help.


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