Will Sonny Landham Be Third 'Predator' Actor Elected To Public Office?

Will Sonny Landham Be Third 'Predator' Actor Elected To Public Office?

Back in 1987, nobody could have guessed that a bunch of meatheads in a movie about an invisible alien with laser-beam eyes would someday be great American leaders. But then the wonderful state of Minnesota electedJesse Ventura its governor, and California followed suit with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, if Kentuckians play their cards right, they will replace their womanly senator Mitch McConnell with Sonny Landham, who played some dude called "Billy" in Predator. This Landham guy is a real trip! Come along with us on Sonny's magical journey from porn stardom to the Libertarian party via five wives and a stretch in federal prison.

So let's see, in the 70s he was in The Porns because "at the time I made the choice of getting a paycheck, staying alive for your big break."

Then he was in Predator and everything was fantastic, for a time. Many years later he got thrown in prison for 31 months for making threatening phone calls to his ex-wife.

He ran for governor of Kentucky in 2002 but no joy. Somewhere along the line he joined the Libertarian party, and now he is going to totally show that nancy boy Mitch McConnell what's what.

Wonkette heartily endorses Sonny Landham for Senate so that he can return to his original profession: debasing himself for money.

Former porn actor, 'Predator' co-star to run against McConnell [Courier-Journal]


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