Will Texas Let Creationists Teach Science? Probs

eh, vaguely relatedThe Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is deciding next month whether to allow a bunch of Jesusers at the Institution for Creation Research offer science teaching degrees. One might assume that their particular brand of "science" includes lots of amino acids and dinosaurs named Adam, Eve, Eve, Adam and maybe also Eve.

Officials from the Coordinating Board visited the Institute in November, and found "that it offered a standard science curriculum." They must have meant "standard for Texas," however:

The institute was created in 1970 by the late Henry M. Morris, a Dallas native known as the father of "creation science," the view that science - not just religion - indicates that a divine being created the Earth and all living things.

The Institute also believes that Steven Spielberg created dinosaurs in 1993 with Satan computers.

Creation college seeks state's OK to train teachers [Dallas Morning News]

Texas Board Will Consider Letting Creationist Institute Offer Teaching Degrees [Chronicle of Higher Ed.]


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