Will the Real Margaret Cho Please Stand Up?

huhOkay, we're getting highly conflicting reports here about the vintage of this picture of Margaret Cho. . . though we have been convinced that it is her. We had assumed that it dated from her "All-American Girl" days, a period of forced anorexia and drug addiction richly recounted in "I'm the One That I Want." ("I always thought I was OK looking. I had no idea that I was this GIANT FACE TAKING OVER AMERICA!") But now we're hearing that Cho's gone from zaftig to zero-body-fat yet again. While we normally encourage and applaud the use of artificial stimulants (huh-huh), the possibility that she might have achieved this via drugs (and, no offense, we're thinking lots of drugs) is troubling. Because we're in New York now, too, and we'd like to make sure there's some left for us.

Cho Goes On [Wonkette]

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