Will the Taliban Save the Newspaper Business?


According to the newish books/writing website wwword, our former/future allies the Taliban just love to curl up with a good British newspaper or, uhh, Time Magazine.

Who would have guessed that the Taliban reads the British Sunday Telegraph? But they do, and they quoted it in their monthly online magazine, Al-Samoud, in July, though sadly without signing off as “Disgusted of Kandahar”—a title that would also have suited the tone of their protests in the wake of the Time magazine August cover story about a Taliban commander ordering a woman’s nose cut off.

But just like their American counterparts, Taliban dudes are mostly interested in reading about themselves in the newspapers. And, because print editions of Western papers aren't readily available in the Taliban hideouts of Afghanistan, they read the papers online. Probably for free, stealing their neighbor's wifi. So, actually, the Taliban can't save the newspaper business. Sorry, newspaper business! [wwword]


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