Will U.S. Trade Hot Russian Spies For Whatever U.S. Spies?


We've heard on a Numbers Station (the Internet) that Washington and Moscow are about to trade spies back and forth, proving again to the world that post-Cold War secret agent work is a joke. (Thereal spying is done over the Internet, using "hackers" and "the band Phish" and other deeply unseemly technologies.) The question remains, however: Will the American spies traded for the captured dumb-but-hot Russian spies be equally as hot? Does the CIA have some weird eugenics program that makes the kind of attractive Americans who could pass for Europeans or whatever?

In other words, Why have we failed to post 30 pictures of the "Facebook Spy" and getting a million page views, from slovenly perverts who can't even imagine a land (Russia/South America/Everywhere Else) where normal people are attractive?

Also, the Russian scientist convicted of spying and supposedly being traded for some of these Yuppie "HGTV" spies caught on the U.S. East Coast being yuppies? He's been serving part of a 15-year sentence at a prison camp "near the Arctic Circle." So, they still do that, in Putin's Russia. [Los Angeles Times]


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