Will We Ever Find The 'Black Box' From The Wrecked Gosselin Marriage?

  • Iran's Guardian Council, having witnessed "no major fraud or breach" in the recent election, said that there would be no do-overs and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would be sworn into office by mid-August. [Telegraph]
  • Iranian authorities are trying to prevent the young woman who was shot by the Basij from becoming a martyr and a symbol of the popular protests against the election. Good luck with that! [Times Online]
  • French military ships detected "sounds" as they trolled the Atlantic for evidence from the crashed Air France flight, but the noises were not coming from the missing black boxes ... they were coming from inside the house. [AP]
  • Circa-2005 social networking titan MySpace is laying off an assload of international staff. [MarketWatch]
  • Soon, Jon and Kate Gosselin will join Nadya Suleman in becoming the single parents of way too many goddamned kids under the age of 10. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • So long, Ed McMahon! The famous sidekick has died at age 86. [CNN]

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