William Wallace (Mel Gibson) Will Eat Your Intestines, For Daring To Criticize Scotland


  • Whether he was clearing brush at his ranch or choking on a pretzel, George Bush was known to sport his silkiest ascot, his most posh plaid cummerbund. Say what you will, but the man was a snappy dresser. And Barack Obama? He prefers "Islamo-fascist business casual." [Think Progress]

  • This is a story about compassion, a story about reaching out, and helping a stranger in need. This is a story about a Californian squirrel, who received the best neurosurgery Californian IOUs could buy. [True/Slant: Matthew Fleischer]

  • David Sedaris recalls all the delicious opiate cocktails he was given, for free (!), when he lived in Paris. [AMERICAblog]

  • Mr. President: Coddling NASCAR drivers won't change the fact that you are Adolf Hitler. [The Caucus]

  • Your average Scotsman clocks in at about 6'9, weighs 350 pounds, has a beard on every part of his body, carries a fucking dagger in his sock -- a "dirk" -- and basically doesn't take shit, from anybody. After all, Scotland's national sport is "Who can throw this log the farthest?" (In the winter it's "Who can push this rock real good, with a broom?") But the real magic of Scotland is that it's also a sensitive, tender country. And the Weekly Standard just can't handle that. [Weekly Standard]


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