Win These Eleven (11) Political Books!


CONTEST OVER, THANKS FOR PLAYING! Now that we're all poor and soon there will be no Internet or TeeVee, it's time to learn to read again! How would you like to win Eleven (11) new political books from Hachette Book Group USA? You would like that a lot, we bet.

Here's how it works: Your Wonkette will pick Five (5) lucky winners based on our usual made-up contest rules, which will be, let's see ....

Oh, how about this? With the subject line RON PAUL WAS RIGHT; SEND ME GOLDEN BOOK AMEROS, send us an email message explaining in Seven (7) words why America owes you this fancy collection of books including Mike's Election Guide, Goodnight Bush and some comical right-wing books you can give to your parents or whatever in lieu of actual purchased holiday gifts this winter. (NO CUSS WORDS YOU SLIMEBAGS. USE YOUR "LIBERAL ARTS" DEGREE, FOR ONCE.)

Uh, one entry per entry, U.S. and Canada mailing addresses only, no P.O. boxes, etc. OK!


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