Window Dressing

* Reliable Source: Anjelina Jolie was here, hung out with Karen Hughes... Bush, golf, Shinzo Abe, etc... Ethel Kennedy's very nice house has been sold. [WP]

* Yeas and Nays: Peter Krause is starring in a remake of Rear Window, and it's, uh, sorta political. Sorta... Anjelina Jolie again... Amy Klobuchar ate Thousand Island Dressing, thinking it was soup. [Examiner]

* The Sleuth: Tom Feeney's got no time to be investigated by the feds, there's a party to go to! ... John Boehner can't hang out at the Democrats' clubhouse anymore, 'cause the fascists in the DC city government put a stop to smoking there. [WP]


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