Wine: It Does A Body Better When It's Cheaper


Famous rodent prognosticator Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning, and, if you believe that rodents are savvy weather predictors (check), then we're in for at least 6 more weeks of fun, freezing winter weather. Joy! In light of this glorious fact, we continue our series of "It's super cold outside, life is hard, America has no money, what's so wrong with stealing Haitian babies for fun, so who needs... a glass of wine?"

Where to find half price bottles of wine in this fair city:


  • Clyde's of Chevy Chase: All bottles of wine are half-off at this generic restaurant on Mondays.
  • Chef Geoff's: Bottles of wine are half-off on Mondays and the restaurant also boasts a kick-ass burger that is just $6 at the bar Monday through Friday.
  • Veritas: At this fancy wine bar in Dupont Circle, select bottles of wine are half-off on Mondays.


  • Dino: This Italian restaurant in Cleveland Park offers an $18 wine special and free corkage Monday through Wednesday to make starting off the week that much easier.


  • Jack's: Over on Pride Street, they offer half price bottles of wine on Tuesday and Thursday and have tons of other great specials throughout the week.


  • Radius: Get a free bottle of wine with the purchase of a large pizza and appetizer or two entrees and an appetizer at this pizza spot in Mt. Pleasant.
  • The Diner: This hangout in Adams Morgan offers half price bottles of wine AND Champagne on Wednesday nights.
  • Little Fountain Cafe: At this cute and cozy Adams Morgan restaurant you can get a bottle of wine for half-off with the purchase of an entree.


  • Floriana: Also located on Pride Street, this Italian Restaurant that has a lovely patio for use for when/if the sun actually decides to come out again offers half price bottles of wine on Sunday nights.
  • Clydes of Georgetown and The Tombs: Both of these restaurants offer half-off any bottle of wine on Sunday nights.

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