Here's some interesting thinking from BarbWire, the internet catbox (now with clumping litter!) run by hyperChristian weirdoMatt Barber (it's bad enough that he has a whole website, but did he have to insult a perfectly good cheesy sci-fi remake of Casablanca with the name?). It's a think-piece titled "How ‘Sexual Liberty’ Devours Real Liberty" by "Christian Fantasy Literature" author Lee Duigon, in which the Christian fantasist worries that Barack Obama and his Big Gay Army will soon destroy America (what, again?) by deploying the forces of "Big Sodomy," which will eventually, of course, outlaw Christianity and send all the faithful to FEMA camps or something.

Duigon starts off with one of those shocking quotes of an Obama administration official that gets tossed around on the right as proof of the Plot Against America:

Whenever there is a conflict between “sexual liberty” and religious freedom, “I’m having a hard time coming up with any cases in which religious liberty should win.”

So spoke Chai Feldblum, Georgetown law professor and member of the Obama administration, a commissioner of the EEOC. We understand her to mean that “sexual liberty,” or the freedom to fornicate, must always trump the free exercise of religion.

Except, of course, that Feldblum didn't actually say that "freedom to fornicate" trumps "free exercise of religion." The quotation comes from a discussion of a book chapter that Feldblum published in 2008, looking at specific instances in which claims of free exercise of religion might conflict with equal rights for LGBT people -- not at what those people are doing with their genitals. Feldblum was arguing that, for example, people who run a daycare that's open to the public shouldn't have the right to turn away children because their parents are gay, not even if the daycare's owners are Christians. She was more willing to allow such an exception for a private daycare that's specifically oriented toward religious instruction, however. A subtle difference, sure, but not nearly as sexxay or scary as "The gays want to do buttsexing right in the aisles of our churches!"

So starting from that strawman quote, Duigon zooms quickly past the tragedy of Christians being forced to sell flowers for lesbian weddings into the REAL agenda of these monsters who think that the Civil Rights Act should apply to all Americans:

The homosexual movement is insatiable and unappeasable. Like a fire, it won’t stop after consuming half the log. It’ll go on and on until either someone puts it out or all its fuel is consumed and there’s nothing left to burn.

Here is what we must expect.

The free exercise of the Christian religion will give way to the forced exercise of the secular humanist religion.

The federal government will force churches to perform same-sex “marriage” exercises. Pastors and priests will be punished if they speak against it.

You know, just like Loving v. Virginia led to preachers being jailed for refusing to marry interracial couples. You remember all the times that's happened, right?

All public schools -- in case there are still a few that aren’t already doing it -- will teach the normalization, acceptance, and celebration of homosexuality. As is already being done, children will be encouraged to try all sorts of sexual practices. Parents will not be allowed to opt their children out of these programs, and soon will be stripped of their right to determine the nature of their own children’s education. The religious schools will cease to be a refuge; and how long do you think Christian homeschooling will be allowed?

No one will be permitted to say or publish anything adverse to homosexuality (this is already the case in Britain and Canada). Our other First Amendment freedoms -- of speech, of the press (presuming, perhaps wrongly, there’s still anyone among the press who might wish to exercise this freedom), and of association -- will all be subordinated to “sexual liberty.” The fire will consume them all.

Yessiree, there are literally no homophobic publications in Great Britain and Canada, none whatsoever. It's really quite sad how those two countries have completely abandoned the First Amendment to the Constitution of a completely different country. You know, we hear that Lithuania doesn't respect the Second Amendment, either. And Japan regularly quarters troops in private homes, utterly ignoring the Third Amendment.

But what's a good Christian to do? RESIST, of course!

If that’s what we should expect, what ought we to do?

“As for me and my house,” said Joshua, “we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15)

They can’t jail all the Christians in America. But even if they could, it wouldn’t let us out of our duty to stay faithful to our Lord and His commandments.

Refuse, refuse -- refuse outright to obey wicked officials in thrall to Big Sodomy. If your churches surrender, as some have done already, they aren’t churches anymore. Leave them to their apostasy and form house churches, as the Christians do in China.

Never, never speak of a same-sex coupling as “marriage.” It is no marriage, and will never be.

The hard part will be to decide what to do when they come for your children. But is it so much easier just to sit and suck it up when the “gender coach” comes to your first-grader’s classroom to teach the kiddies that “you can be a boy one day and a girl the next, depending on how you feel”? Is it so much easier to allow your kids to be recruited to march in a “Trans Pride Parade”?

So basically, Duigon's entire post-apocalyptic vision of a brave Christian religious resistance comes down to people dropping out of their churches (but only once they're forced to marry gays) and bravely refusing to call Jane and Cindy "married." Duigon doesn't actually suggest a plan for dealing with your kids' school when it starts all the buggery lessons for third-graders, so he leaves that to the reader. Frankly, we were surprised he didn't fall back on "Second Amendment remedies," but maybe he just safely assumes that his readers will get the hint.

Yeah, we can't wait to check out this guy's "novels."

[BarbWire via RightWingWatch]


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