There was Great Drama in the Halls of Congress yesterday, as ratfaced Steve Carell impersonator Darrell Issa was escorted out of a closed-door deposition of Hillary Clinton's pal Sidney Blumenthal in the endless House Select Committee on Benghazi, which is almost certain to find something scary about Hillary Clinton, like the fact that she's not Ronald Reagan. Issa had earlier in the day tried to pop into the hearing room, but it was empty for lunch; when he came back, things got a little heated between Issa and committee chair Trey Gowdy, or at least The Hill's description of the almost-non-event did:

Issa marched into the closed-door deposition and remained inside for about a minute before he was escorted out by the panel’s chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.).

The pair briefly exchanged hushed words in a nearby hallway before Issa stormed off, throwing an empty soda can into a nearby trash bin.

That's a whole lotta action verbs! Let's check out the marching and storming, as captured by NBC News producer Frank Thorp:

Heck, that doesn't even show the soda-can throwing!

Now, despite having physically ejected Issa from the deposition, Gowdy insists that the two are still BFFs (Benghazi Fanatics Forever), explaining to Fox News host Bill Hemmer that sometimes a committee chairman's just gotta do what a committee chairman's gotta do:

“What was going on there yesterday, and is everything okay between the two of you?” Hemmer asked.

“Oh, absolutely,” Gowdy said. “There’s a rule -- it’s an obscure rule -- if you’re not a member of a committee, you can’t attend a deposition. You can attend a hearing. You can attend other meetings. But you can’t attend a deposition. And it’s my responsibility to enforce the rules -- even against friends.”

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As far as whether Blumenthal helped Hillary cover up how she did all the murders at Benghazi by herself -- where four Americans died, you know -- Gowdy had some extremely incriminating evidence: during the 2012 election, the two of them exchanged emails strategizing about how to beat Mitt Romney. Talk about your smoking red herring!

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