Michael Weiner, in happier times.Second-rate AM radio jackass Michael "Savage" Weiner has an important insight regarding the collapse and death of blogger Andrew Breitbart on a sidewalk Wednesday night: It was maybe an assassination! After all, Breitbart liked to go around claiming he had hawt videos of Barack Obama talking to liberals, which makes Barack Obama ineligible to be president (because he's black). Important website World Net Daily reports, "It’s entirely plausible, Savage acknowledged, that Breitbart simply collapsed of a heart attack because of overwork and a reported history of health problems." In other words, the Weather Underground finally got Breitbart!

This what the radio clown said, on the radio, after talk-radio host Michael Savage, when he "raised the question of whether the conservative media powerhouse ... was murdered":

“I’m asking a crazy question,” Savage said, “but so what? We the people want an answer. This was not an ordinary man. If I don’t ask this question, I would be remiss.”

Just to be safe, it's probably a good idea for all wingnut bloggers to keep a very low, quiet profile for the next 20 years or so. [World Net Daily]


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