Wingnut Anti-Tax Hero Grover Norquist Actually Muslim Extremist?


Hamas Mouse supports Grover Norquist!It was a long, long reign of terror. But slowly, and at long last, real conservatives are coming to understand the true identity of anti-tax Republican hero Grover H. Norquist: He's a dangerous Muslim extremist! Important wingnut Internet Newspaper World Net Daily broke the news about the right-wing heartthrob, and now teabaggers nationwide are expected to quit supporting Norquist's anti-tax policies and probably join the #Occupy Wall Streeters .... anything to avoid the creeping Shariah that is always creeping up the wingnuts' legs and making them feel all tingly.

World Net Daily's editor solemnly writes:

In the past, I have spent some time explaining that Norquist represents the gravitational center of an effort at Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the conservative movement and politics in America more generally -- especially Republican politics. [...]

I say this not only because of his decidedly Shariah-friendly activities and associations.

I say it not only because of his decision to bless GOProud, a faux conservative group promoting the homosexual agenda to Republicans.

Indeed, there is nothing more Shariah-friendly than advancing the homosexual agenda.

As it turns out, Norquist is a filthy Muslim Brotherhood infiltrator because he supported raising the debt ceiling -- or didn’t oppose it enough! -- and because he “used his well-developed connections in Washington to spread the tentacles of stealthy jihad through the corridors of power.”

But what about those ominous "associations" with the Mooslims? Oh right, Norquist's wife is Kuwaiti, and even though she's a free-market propagandist one can never cleanse the taint of Shariah even with Adam Smith's harshest soap. [WND via chascates]


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