Wingnut Patiently Explains That You Cannot Quote Him Because The Umbrella Of Jesus Covers His Words


You know, we really can't figure out anymore if right-wingers are playing some four-dimensional meta chess sorta thing these days or have really become untethered from reality or why even choose. Exhibit eleventy: the weird tendency of wingnuts to cry foul when people have the temerity to quote them. Witness Bradlee Dean, who wanted to sue yr Wonkette SO BAD because we pointed out that by saying he wanted to use the rod of correction on kids he actually wanted to use the rod of correction on kids. Late to the game but no less weird is superstar E.W. Jackson, running for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, who would like to explain that it is NOT FAIR NOT FAIR to quote his previous political statements because Jesus and the Constitution:

It's a sad commentary on our media and culture today that anybody that expresses a Biblical worldview is marginalized and, frankly, not too put too fine a point on it, persecuted for doing so. And I think that's a sad commentary...

Our Founding Fathers believed that there should never be a religious test and yet that's what we're seeing today. We're seeing people apply a religious test and they're saying anything you believed or said as a minister disqualifies you from serving as Lt. Governor because you hold to these Biblical views.

How do we even start to provide rudimentary First Amendment education to this fool? It isn't a religious test for voters to decide that your words mean you are a terrifying pile of stupid. It isn't a religious test to publish YOUR OWN FREAKING WORDS to explain that you are a terrifying pile of stupid. It is only a religious test if someone wouldn't let you on the ballot because you are a religious person. You can also get on the ballot even if you are a terrifying bit of stupid! Sadly, we'd love to live in a world where access to office was restricted from the terrifying piles of stupid people, but we are not that fortunate.

Just to tempt fate, we're going to link to a greatest hits collection of quotes from Jackson that are utter nonsense about teh gheys and how Bamz is a Muslin. Sir, we eagerly await your lawsuit.

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