Well here's a new one: a wingnut we've never heard ofhas figured out that Chris Christie is the leader of a "sex cult" and is determined to "put New Jersey on a path similar to countries like Saudi Arabia," which is, as we all know, just crawling with sex cults. This really makes perfect sense, you see, because Christie recently signed a bill banning "conversion therapy" for minors.

Now, watch this logic! According to Fay Voshell in American Thinker (guaranteed to be thinking-free), Saudi Arabia "forbids conversion from the prevailing Muslim faith." And by banning ineffective pray-away-the-gay "therapy," Christie

expressly forbade conversion from the prevailing progressive religion, whose chief doctrine is that sexual behavior, including the homoerotic behavior of some children, is a sacred, infallible, and therefore unchangeable indicator of what human identity entails.

He forbade moral suasion. He forbade attempts to persuade young people that another way of life is available. That other way that is forbidden is, of course, the way of Christian sexual ethics. Counseling a kid to follow the Christian way, to attempt to change his or her homoerotic behavior, is verboten.

Oh, the derp is strong with this one.

Voshell has also seen through Christie's agenda. In addition to making sure that no Christian or conservative can ever be a therapist again, Christie is also leaving the minds of innocent children open to "abusive 'conversion therapy' going on elsewhere, including in our public schools," where children are relentlessly exposed to "diversity" and indoctrinated to hate guns and freedom, and in universities and even the workplace, where people are brainwashed, too:

While the purported goal is to ensure no harassment in the work environment ("harassment" vaguely defined as whatever "offends" anyone at any particular moment), doesn't everyone who has been forced to sit through the brainwashing know the intent -- namely, to convert all workers to liberal progressivism by enforcing adherence to their zealously religious maze of rules and regulations?

From here, Voshell veers off into a rant about how all Christian therapists will lose their licenses, and then "preaching Christian sexual ethics will be regarded as hate speech, as it already is in countries like Sweden," and so on, slippery sloping all the way to the point where "The Church risks being eventually banned altogether from attempts to convert people to Christianity -- just as in Saudi Arabia."

Oh, yes, and then there's the "sex cult," which -- talk about disappointing! -- turns out to mostly involve reading poetry Voshell dislikes:

"Howl" is the progressive equivalent of the Apostles' Creed, and homoeroticism the mark of a youth liberated from conventional mores. "Coming out" is almost a holy ritual, very nearly the equivalent of a bar mitzvah or first communion in the Jewish and Christian faiths.

Darn it, we were looking for a good sex cult to join, and now it turns out that it's all just reading Allen Ginsberg? We haven't been so disappointed since that time we went looking for the dirty parts of Ulysses.

On the plus side, we won't have to think about Chris Christie nekkid.

[American Thinker via RightingWatch]

Doktor Zoom

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