Wingnut Ziegler Arrested For Covering Liberal Media Elite Socialist Festival!


[youtube expand=1]

C-list Republican media twat John Ziegler, famous for accosting Nate Silver, accosting Max Blumenthal, and politely interviewing Sarah Palin in her home, went to the USC Journalism School the other night for the Walter Cronkite Awards Dinner -- honoring Katie Couric, the ENEMY -- and apparently wasn't content to make his fuss in the area reserved for credentialed media on this private property. He cannot understand why campus police then arrest him.

This is a long video, but at least watch the first 2 minutes or so, when he seems to be insanely drunk, or peaking on his meth run, or even worse, being normal.

Also, at the very end there is good stuff, when he shows the camera his cuff marks and says "it hurts, they hurt me." Aww. Maybe the wrists wouldn't hurt so much if you hadn't resisted the police for several minutes!

Conservative Arrested at Liberal Journalism School for Committing err... Journalism [YouTube]


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