Wingnuts Cry After Wikipedia Locks Them Out


Only eight more years of this!The mean old liberals everywhere are censoring angry wingnuts by not letting the angry wingnuts change any mention of Barack Obama on the Internet into some ALL CAPS dingbat conspiracy theory about how Obama is a secret half-muslin African communist who is not allowed to be president because these wingnuts decided at some point -- probably right after they heard he was black -- that his entire 47 years of life is an elaborate fraud.

From his illegal birth by a giraffe in Kenya to his whole life in "Hawaii" and "Indonesia" and especially "Harvard," Obama's entire fake life has been run by some kind of shadowy organization of street organizers (Stalin?) to hide his TRUE NATIVITY.

There have been a few small delays in delivering the wingnut Evidence to the American People, but as soon as they prove all this for sure, Barack Obama will be swiftly plucked from the White House and lynched. Meanwhile, Wikipedia has blocked all these clowns, the end. [World Net Daily]


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