What are America's old white racist exurban cretins on Medicare and Social Security upset abouttoday? Oh, the usual: Obama, liberals, gays, sex, black people, youth, hippies, the poor, the rich, Mexicans, "the hip hop," Iran, exercise, unemployment, unemployment benefits, vegetables, a talented black woman with addiction problems such as Whitney Houston, organic farms, birth control, people having sexual intercourse in general, solar energy, Mormons, national parks, public transportation, Europe, NPR, Media Matters, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. WAIT WHAT IN THE ??? Yes, Fox News. The wingnuts have spastically lurched from one invented outrage to the next with such shallow furor that they finally wound up enraged about the very teevee channel that tells them what to freak out about.

Apparently (?), Fox News chief witch Roger Ailes made an executive decision to tone it down a year ago -- after the awful shooting spree in Tucson that killed six people and badly hurt another thirteen, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Between the election of Barack Obama and the Arizona mass shooting, Fox News had ramped up its crazy to overdrive, and that made the nation's shrinking population of sociopathic delusional Hoveround trolls about as happy as morbidly obese lifelong racists can get.

In the year since Fox News made a mild shift in approach that would be utterly imperceptible to all but the most deranged orc, America's wingnuts have begun abandoning the channel. What are they watching instead? Probably VHS home movies of lynchings, alternated with DVDs of gay interracial gangbangs.

As a white, male, middle-aged conservative talk radio host from Virginia, John Fredericks is something close to the Platonic ideal of a Fox News fan. And until last year, he was one. But then Fox’s treatment of the Republican primary race — the presentation of Karl Rove as a political analyst despite his having “thrown in for Romney” and Sean Hannity’s clear ties to the Republican establishment — began to grate on him. So he changed the channel ....

“To tell you the truth, a lot of conservatives see Fox News as being somewhat skewed on certain issues,” said Patrick Brown, who runs Internet marketing for The Western Center for Journalism, a conservative nonprofit that features stories questioning the president’s eligibility for office. “We actually did a poll recently that said, ‘Is Fox News actually conservative, or has it moved left?’ And some 70 percent of our readers thought it had moved left.”

This is from The Politico website, so it will be laughable to "normal humans" who were "born with a basic moral compass." But, there you have it: The fringe racist right-wing extremist element of the Republican Party just can't get enough crazy from Fox News anymore. Mass suicide is literally the only option left for these awful people -- and it's the only way they're ever going to find out for sure what Allah has a-waitin' for them! [Politico via ChasCates!]


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