Wingnuts Furious Because ... Michelle Malkin Sold Her Blog and Now It Loves Gay People


Everyone remembers exactly where they were, what they were doing and which socks they were wearing (on their hands) when Michelle Malkin sold her blog "Hot Air" to some other person or group, a while ago. But now the Hot Air blog is suddenly in love with homosexuals, and wingnuts are furious!

How could anyone do this to the famous wingnut blog?

The important news organization reports on this developing/breaking story:

Wow. Just as soon as the "Hot Air" blog was purchased by the Christian conglomerate Salem Communications from conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, it has suddenly become an advocate for all things gay. What in the world is up with that?

For background, GOPROUD is an organization dedicated to advancing special rights for homosexual behavior, and advocates the overthrow of the Defense of Marriage Act and the overthrow of the law banning homosexual service in the military.

Not only was GOPROUD welcomed at CPAC, an event which is supposed to be the annual showcase for conservative values, the organization was allowed to sponsor the event, giving visibility and recognition to its effort to legitimize sexual deviancy.

Wow, indeed.

So, this week the wingtards are furious about a) Scott Brown voting for some tax breaks for companies that hire American workers, b) Glenn Beck being too liberal, and c) a wingnut blog not calling for a homosexual holocaust. Carry on, freedom fighters!


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