Wingnuts Furious: Hypocrite Obama Not Serving Sprouts With Side Of Sprouts For Inauguration Lunch


Inauguration scandal! Obama iseating lunch today, and it is not half a grapefruit, with water and a side of sprouts! From the Washington Times, covering Their Watergate:

The ceremonial lunch President Obama and his former congressional colleagues are eating Monday tops out at 3,000 calories, according to a website that has tallied up the luxurious menu of lobster, bison and apple pie. posted the full menu, complete with its calorie count, and said it was “unsatisfactory” to see such an unhealthy spread, given first lady Michelle Obama’s push for healthier eating.

Unsatisfactory, Mr. President. Your inaugural luncheon is obviously used as the model of American lunches everywhere, and now everyone will think it is healthy to heat lobster, bison and apple pie every day. You might as well just hook up a lard IV to all patients receiving Obamacare.

It is even worse because the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugurual Ceremonies is chaired by Chuck Schumer, who is communisting fast food restaurants into the ground by making restaurants post calorie counts — which Obamacare will force all restaurants do, in the name of Allah!

Some of those restaurants have objected. Pizza chains said they’ll have to post extensive signs with thousands of combinations of ingredients to meet the requirements.

See? Pizza places are stupid and do not understand that pepperoni has the same number of calories no matter what else is on the pizza, so Obama should not be eating bison.

Is there no end to the hypocrisy?

[Washington Times]

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